Theta Delta Blog


May 28, 2020

First off, I want to welcome you to our blog! I decided to start this as a new way for our future members, friends, and families to know what is going on in our AOII world. Our chapter, Theta Delta, was established in the fall of 2017.

Internationally, AOII’s philanthropy is Arthritis and we raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. The funds raised go towards research and camps for juvenile arthritis patients, such as Camp MASH in Mobile(where some of our sisters volunteer). At Troy University, we raised over $11,000 for the Arthritis Foundation this past year.  Some events from our philanthropy weeks from this past year included: “Fall Festival,” “Donut you know about Arthritis,” and “Strike Out Arthritis.” For the strikeout event this spring, we hosted an oversized kickball tournament where multiple organizations came to compete and show them support.

Strike Out Arthritis


Also, we started collecting donations for Sisters for Soldiers this past semester. Sisters for Soldiers allows members to make care packages for overseas troops striving to help bring a sense of joy to each soldier who is constantly preoccupied with the emotions associated with war. We have received donations from other organizations on campus and will continue to collect donations throughout the fall semester. We plan on sending these care packages by Christmas!

We had so many amazing sisterhood events this year, too. Some included a water slide event in the front yard, a movie night at the local movie theater, a karaoke pajama party, a group pilates class, and so much more. Sisterhood for us is about connecting to and supporting one another through life. AOII is more than the four years of college, it is for life.

Alpha Love,
Madison Skinner