Q&A: Recruitment Edition

Q&A: Recruitment Edition


Why did you want to go Greek?

“I decided I wanted to go Greek because I knew I wanted to find my forever friends. I had older friends who went to college before me and I saw how much Greek life changed their life’s for the better. I knew I wanted the same experiences that they had like receiving a big, going to date party functions, supporting a philanthropy, and many more amazing things that come with being Greek. Going Greek definitely has been one of the best experiences I have made in my college career.”Pi Chi (PC ‘17)

“I decided to go Greek after hearing I have many family members who went AOII. I feel proud to be able to continue that legacy. Going Greek is also a great way to be involved on campus so that also interested me.” - Kaitlyn Hill (PC ‘19)

What advice do you have for those going through recruitment?

“I would tell everyone to be themselves and trust the process. At the end of the day, you will end up exactly where you’re supposed to be! Even if it’s not where you imagined you would go to begin with, everything happens for a reason.” - Madi McCall (PC ‘17)

“Going through recruitment can be a scary thing but also so exciting at the same time! I advise all PNM’s to be their true selves so that they can confidently know they have found the right home for them! Being you while going through recruitment will fill intentions of finding your perfect home is the best way to go about it! Every panhellenic woman and every panhellenic home is wonderful, but only one is perfect for you. Make your best decisions and try to go where you have felt the most comfortable since day one!” - Madison Bailey (PC ‘18)

What do you wish you would have known when going through recruitment?

“One thing I wish I would have known is to be honest. You won’t find the right house for you if you’re not honest with yourself. The same goes for values. You need to go into a chapter knowing you and those members have the same values because if you don’t, it’s not right to support them if you don’t believe in them. You will just end up in a house you’re not happy in.” - Jordan Free (PC ‘18)

“Somethings I wish I had known before going through formal recruitment would be that every house you go to is a good house, regardless of the stereotypes you’ve heard. I also would tell girls going through to be themselves! You’re in this to find out where you truly belong!!! You don’t have to go to the same house as your friends, boo. Just because the girl you talked to gave you a weird vibe, doesn’t mean that entire house acts that way. Not every girl is going to get asked back to every house, but don’t get hurt! You don’t want a house that doesn’t want you!” - Grace Streat (PC ‘19)

Why did you choose AOII?

“I chose AOII because of the people! Seeing how we were all different in our own ways, but united by the values we all held so dearly to our heart encouraged me to bond with my now sisters! They became my home away from home and some of my biggest supporters! For all my three years at troy they have done nothing but inspire and push me to be my best self and given me opportunities I wouldn’t get anywhere else! I’m so thankful for all AOII has given me but I’m especially thankful for all my sisters” - Bailey Gaylord (PC ‘17)

“Why I chose AOII is because I had a great connection with the girls I talked to. When I talked to them, it was like talking to my hometown best friends. I connected so well with all the girls. AOII felt like home away from home, and that is what I was looking for when I left my hometown.” - Caroline Stephens (PC ‘19)

What was your favorite part of recruitment when you were a PNM?

“My favorite part was meeting all of the girls that were more or less the same age as me. I grew up in a small town and didn’t have the opportunity to make relationships with people from so many different places and environments. I think being around so many people my age on a smaller scale prepared me for living on campus after recruitment was over.” - Ora Nelson (PC ‘18)

“My favorite part of recruitment was probably preference day. I liked how it felt so comfortable and how you guys would call out our names for certain admirable attributes.” - Alexa Grace Mueller (PC ‘19)

What is AOII to you?

“AOII to me is, well everything. I don’t know what kind of woman I would be if I was not a part of this organization. AOII has taught me to lead and excel, but more importantly it has taught me to serve and put others before myself. AOII is my family. There’s so much comfort knowing that my sisters will celebrate triumphs with me and grieve losses with me. Lastly, AOII is love. I’ve never seen a group of girls love each other and want to do for each other like I’ve seen in my sorority sisters. Love isn’t always peaches and cream, it’s also having someone hold you accountable and tell you the truth... even when it hurts (and I’m thankful for that) A sorority means sisterhood but AOII for me has gone beyond sisterhood in all the best ways possible. I am so fortunate to belong and have a place here and to wear these three greek letters! As one of our amazing founders said, “Of all the blessings we count over, it seems to me none is greater than the consciousness of belonging to a family of thousands of sisters.” - Jamie McGee (PC ‘17)

“AOII to me is confidence I wouldn’t have in myself without it. And a sisterhood that constantly holds me accountable and encourages me to be ambitious.” - Lakin Turner (PC ‘18)